My Story


Thank you so much for being here.  I am excited to share my story on why I started Desert Sage Swim!

Growing up, I always wore swimsuits with more coverage.  As I got older, those types of swimsuits were harder and harder to find.  After I had my first baby in late 2020, I soon realized that chasing around a toddler in a swimsuit could be a scary thing.  I didn't want to bend over and have my chest pop out or butt totally exposed!  Even if I had managed to find a swimsuit that helped with that, they seemed so expensive to me. I couldn't afford to pay over $100 for a single swimsuit. I knew I couldn't be the only mom or women in general with this fear/problem, so I decided to see if I could create that brand myself.  Not wanting to dive into our savings, I saw an add pop up on Facebook one day where you could donate plasma and make $900 in your first 8 donations.  And THAT is where I got my money to purchase my first few swimsuits in 2022!

I had no idea how to get my brand out there, but I knew social media could be powerful.  I had heard about Tiktok so I decided to give it a shot! I was super nervous to post my postpartum body in a stinking SWIMSUIT online, but I did and after a few videos, I had one go viral.  I was shocked to see that my idea WAS actually a problem people had.  On launch day, I sold out of almost every swimsuit I had!  I was in absolute tears.  I cannot thank those first few customers enough for really pushing me to continue on. 

Today, only a year later, I have made so many mistakes, but I have also learned so much!  I am proud to have started designing a lot of the swimsuits myself here in the USA without any degree or background in fashion and to have found and formed partnerships with multiple, ethical manufacturers. 

I am super passionate about making women feel great about themselves in swimwear again, because we all deserve to feel beautiful, no matter our body type!


XOXO Celeste